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Trentino offers a lot of things to do for any kind of people. The strategic position of Lido Lillà allows our guests to plan different activities every day.

Discovering Trento Small City Big Buzz

Cultural hotspot, university town, centre of government: Trentino’s historic capital fulfills all these functions with flair – and thanks to its wine-makers and chefs comes loaded with wonderful things to eat and drink. It’s hard to know where to start. There you are, on the streets of Trento, with mountains as your backdrop and a list of must-sees as long as your arm. This, after all, is the traditional meeting-point of Italy and Central Europe, former home of the Prince-Bishops of Trento, and the scene – between 1545 and 1563 – of one of the most famous of all the ecumenical councils of the Catholic Church. Castles, museums, palaces, Roman ruins; they’re all here to be enjoyed, wrapped up in a vibrant Italian setting, where the aperitivo hour is announced by the popping Trentodoc spumante corks.

Among the many sightseeing highlights are MuSe, our state-of-the-art Science Museum, designed by Renzo Piano, and the Castello del Buonconsiglio, home to Trentino’s museum of fine arts. Meanwhile, tastings at the Palazzo Roccabruna provide instant access to the sensational world of Trentino wine-making; and restaurants offer menus that mix the traditions of both the mountains and the Mediterranean. When it’s time to head for home, you won’t be short of souvenirs, either. La Bottega degli Antichi Sapori on Via Belenzani is one of several delicatessens loaded with delicious reminders of our region.

Riva del Garda

Located on the Garda Lake is the perfect spot for sports and relax.


Trentino offers some of the most beautiful trekking experience in the world. Close to the area there are Paganella and Monte Bondone, two amazing places where you and your family can spend some time enjoying the nature. But if you are a pro, not so far from Lido Lillà, you can challenge yourself to the Dolomites, with any kind of trekking (from newbie to super pro).


Trentino is the best place to have a climbing experience. Any kind of routes are available for everybody love this amazing sport!

Wing Suite & Base Jump & Paraglider 

The closes spots are: Cima Paganella and Pareti Zebrate. Are you crazy enough to jump?

Rafting – Bike – Downhill – Paracadutismo – Bouldering – Canyoning –

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